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“Our mission is to create an environment for clients to reflect their personal taste and fulfill their expectations. We provide a confident design for living or working that sets us apart from other. Having the final result embrace a memorable and timeless atmosphere is our highest ambition.”

Get to know Leta


Leta Brooks earned her Bachelor's degree in Art and Interior Design, from the University of Georgia and returned to school in 2006 and received her Architectural Drafting Certification. With over 15 years of experience in the design and construction industry, Leta views each project as unique, and strives for full collaboration with clients and other project participants.  

Leta is skilled in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and specializes in project management and product design. Additional talents include:  space planning, product knowledge, drafting and rendering techniques, field measuring, specification writing, inventory, product specification, finish selection, and presentation boards.  She is affiliated with the 2005 Florida builder of the year, Barbara Revels, and award winning developer Rich Smith of Lighthouse Development Group, Inc.

Her philosophy is  “Once a dream is envisioned it is my job to use my creative eye and make it come true.”  Leta is dedicated to providing quality service and professionalism to every customer.”

Get to know Nicole


Nicole H. O'Lenick earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Interior Design from the Georgia Accredited school of Georgia Southern University in 2001.  She has dedicated over 14 years in design and feels it is a continuous evolving field and keeps all designs interesting and exciting.   

Nicole started as an intern at a design firm dedicated to hospitality design working with some of the highest end and well known hotels in the Untied States.  After getting a grasp of the commercial world, she looked for new opportunities to expand her knowledge in other types of design.  Nicole transferred over to a design firm that specialized in a commercial community setting and model homes for single family and luxury multi-family neighborhoods.  She managed to begin as a design assistant and move herself up in the company to a respected Senior Designer.  This position allowed her to not only manage and train other designers, but also obtain client contact and interior architecture projects the company received.  

Nicole enjoys trying new and different ways to create a comfortable setting for her clients.  She feels “Design is all a matter of opinion.  There are no right or wrong answers.  It is what interests you to visualize and express yourself.”